Defending Shamima Begum is the ultimate ‘luxury belief’

Virtue-signalling vs. Status-signalling: The article discusses the distinction between "virtue-signalling" and "status-signalling," suggesting that modern Leftists are more interested in demonstrating their social superiority than their moral superiority.

Luxury Beliefs Definition: "Luxury beliefs" are described as misguided political views adopted by affluent progressives purely because they are fashionable, serving as a way to signal high social status.

Defund the Police: The slogan "Defund the Police" is cited as an example of a luxury belief popular among affluent Leftists in the US, showcasing their social status rather than reflecting practical or moral considerations.

Shamima Begum's Citizenship: The article criticizes the Left's advocacy for restoring Shamima Begum's citizenship, arguing that it is not based on moral principles but on a desire to signal compassion and tolerance.

Criticism of Luxury Beliefs: Critics argue that luxury beliefs are not only misguided but also harmful, as they prioritize social signalling over practical or moral considerations.

Rev Rachel Webbley's Comments: Rev Rachel Webbley's comments on "white resistance" to acknowledging racial injustice are highlighted, illustrating the challenges of combating racism within the Church of England.

Recovering Racist Humour: The term "recovering racist" is used humorously to imagine a scenario where racists attend meetings similar to Alcoholics Anonymous to overcome their racist beliefs, highlighting the absurdity of some aspects of contemporary social discourse.

Conclusion on Luxury Beliefs: The article concludes by suggesting that understanding the role of luxury beliefs in shaping political discourse can help navigate the complexities of modern politics more effectively.

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