6 Ways to  Prepare For a Stock market Crash


Diversify your portfolio is very important.

As per age & Risk Capacity Invest some amonut in stock,Mutual Fund,ETF's ,For Retirement Plan


Professional investors convert there Investment in Cash Before market crash.

Again Invest quickly,when market trend Reverse.

3.Get a Guarantee

Keep atleast a small portion of your portfolio in guaranteed investment that won't fall with the market crash.

Bonds,Blue chip stocks.

4.Hedge your funds.

Buy puts of stock. puts price will increase very fast if asset underlying price drop.

5.Pay Off Debts.

If have more debt ,first Liquiditing your holding & pay debt.

this is smart Way if have high interest debt.

6.Tax saving

Sell all your position and take loss.

Show this loss any profiting accounts. this is do before any tax year end.

Always Remember Market Bearish Temparary. Market Bullish is permanent.